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Issue 30, July 31, 2017
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from the very beginning you dreamed

about how things became words

the source of light and life in the world

like the sky’s desire to devour the language

of blue and turquoise seas

gathering up their hidden meanings

from the multitude of sounds

beneath the surface

and how intuition grew up and arrived on the scene

from the dark murkiness of nothingness

and why your eyes came to be forged without a furnace

but which infernos, nonetheless, are contained within them

how events in the world

like all organisms must change

and when some one thing   no longer works

it must give way   be replaced or transformed

and that love also must pass through the forging

of this turbulent re-creation

the reinvention of love must begin

with your recollection of light before memory

the scent of the rose’s hands

washed after the rains have come

the hidden shadows of orchids

swimming in the lagoon

the wind howling to see every known

and unknown color of speech

and the sound of your eyes

about to close

the stillness of how your words

come to be that language

of your face written to finally return

home to the starting point

and of the night’s memory

of new unspoken words

the metamorphosis of your memory

transmuted into desire

and desire into your kiss   and by your kiss

restoring the amputated whispers of the world

into the poem’s song

where embracing you is always more than

the mere passing

convulsions of history

      -Kosrof Chantikian