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Issue 30, July 31, 2017
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Neighbors at the End of February


Nobody cares this time of year

says a neighbor I've never seen

out of doors.

She's referring to my dog

who she thinks is about to shit

under a rhodie in her yard.


Oh no, I say, he's only

there because of the cats.


She makes a disgusted face.

I'm unsurprised since people talk

and I've heard she lets a veteran

thrown out of his own home

sleep in a broke down Sunline RV

in her driveway. Locals call him

The Moon Man—and I've spoken with him

once while he was painting

another time while he was whittling

for no clear reason at all.

Neighbors say he's the one

who brought around the strays.


Have you seen them? she asks—

recently, I mean.


No, is all I have to say.

It's snowing heavy and I've been out

longer than usual with the dog.


I turn to continue back.

I've seen two carcasses is all, she says

to my back. I turn around feeling little

choice. No live ones, she adds.
                    -Mark Danowsky