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Issue 30, July 31, 2017
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Song of Your Eyes                                                                                                      



Your eyes learned by themselves

and from each other they learned the name

for shadow   omen   heart   breath of life


for the immutable grace called light


the sea was long ago the beginning

the awaking of the visible from the hidden


you dreamt of sleeping in the arms of the wind

that revealed light was made by shadow


it was the day before the first of days

the stones awoke from lying on the earth

and began their songs in homage to the night


and we discovered that all things   even words and thoughts –

like us   have shadows too


and leaves falling from the trees

and the trees themselves when they decide to walk away


their shadow is morally obliged to follow

and invariably gives its consent


yet I once heard of a time when this hidden rumor

of the shadows of the tree and their thoughts

refused   to walk away

this could only have been a strange dream

for it was argued that if the tree or the sea or the word of thoughts

decides to walk away   because the desire of the heart insists

then its shadow would certainty follow


for what would the shadow of the raindrop be?

how could it exist without the water

which is its mother and father


yet the shadow wondered why only it   should be forced to move

without its voice heard   killing the sacred foundation of the love –

since time first arrived on the scene – between the thing itself and its shadow


would the tree or sea or the word of thoughts    or anything else

tolerate the shadow’s desire to remain or walk away

without being consulted


it was in such a time that the broken strand of your songs’ dreams

were mended by the seeing love of your eyes

from the beginning of your voice that sang the songs


that gave the first words to convince us

that each is part of   and belongs   to the other

and since then   the time of the singing


shadow issued a new law unto itself

that it would be   like the moon   the vital part

of its other face   its whole existence


and that’s why your eyes sang of the love

and necessity of the shadow

and the shadow of its own existence   to know itself

                                                             -Kosrof Chantikian