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Issue 30, July 31, 2017
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Stepping into "the dress" her aunt barges in,
"What do you think of my new jacket?"
She pauses in wedding undies to praise detailing…
satisfied her aunt whisks off to paparazzi loiter in the living room.
Toddler stepping downstairs in high heels bearing bouquet
She is movie star needy today for "You look lovely"
instead her aunt picks up some village gossip’s thread,
as if she was in leggings and Tee.
When the photo call is a couple of snaps,
"Any minute now" in her head begins to die.
Two friends arrive to squire her to the ceremony, 
her aunt bustles off to work with ordinary day "Bye"
she strains for "Good Luck" until the front door slams.
In the motor to the registry ached belief
"I have failed to find the wow factor for him."
But in the car park, he beams "you look stunning,"
suddenly she is red carpet glamour
in the scarlet prom dress, his favorite color.
Later in photos she sees the something borrowed
that day was her mother’s beauty,
wonders if the old Hollywood hair, make up, smile
reminded her aunt of the dead sister
still not forgiven for her good looks…

                                   -Fiona Sinclair