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Issue 30, July 31, 2017
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Creative Motion 

Keep noise distant from the ears
Live calmly...somewhere alone 
Consider deeply what needs to be done 
Plant gardens for the living 
Store peace and keep it safe from terror
Stand sober to 
Make even shallow things strong 
renewing life as one 
This heaven brings happiness 
With everything equally at hand 
No quarrels, disputes, fighting and killing 
Illuminating...all possibilities of joy 

Remember, all things turn to rust
Time rushes by
Make changes that bring beauty 
Make sweet sounds for all to hear. 
Share smiles and laughter together,  
None left out to suffer. 
Then choose nice ways every day. 
Created with your wits and hard endeavor. 
Sweetness could vanish... suddenly 
As a grievance escalates with dispute. 
Come with a weapon of peace 
to wipe out terror. 

Create a Heaven on Earth
for bring happiness now. 

                         -Shiva Adhikari