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Issue 30, July 31, 2017
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A Memory

Once again 
I've come to this chautara*

the koel sings.
Just the way it did last year 
I see—
The herb 
Of that rhododendron—
It has 
Crossed the bend of life
A bit more—
There too
Are flowers in full bloom...
Dispersed, as before,
Are the kids plucking 
Yellow berries...
A couple of curious youth—not long ago—
was going uphill, hand in hand—
This rocky path
Has made it easy...

I've an old acquaintance 
With this chautara—
Every year at this time 
I wait for you here;
You shouldn't have kept me waiting...
Half the letters of our names 
Engraved on the wall of this chautara
Have come off—

Now the half name 
Is for you.

 -Mishra Baijayanti

  Translator Haris Adhikari


* Chautara— a meeting spot or a precinct by a forest where usually there is a wooden bench fixed to the ground, somewhere with a roof and planks around for the back to lean comfortably