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Issue 30, July 31, 2017
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Eusociality, Evolved

Two ants: one carrying a leaf-cut; the other, smaller, riding the leaf and battling any fly who swoops down in hopes of stealing a bite.

beneath the sickle-moon

a million heartbeats

holding up a mound


                                       ―Scott Duke Kominers


Discussion of the Haibun Form


by Poet Kominers


Let me begin with haiku: good haiku echo within themselves; they are elliptical and full of space.  For me, a haiku is successful only if within its space it conveys a unique, singular image to each reader. (Two readers need not feel the same image, but each must feel only one image.)

Haibun pairs haiku with detailed, self-aware prose.  The prose travels in time, but is stationary in space.

The haiku in a haibun must be able to stand alone.  Meanwhile, the haibun prose must reinvent the haiku, creating a new meaning distinct from the old which is nonetheless singular for each reader.  Haibun are successful when they perform this transmutation so effortlessly that the reader hears only its echoes.