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Issue 30, July 31, 2017
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Our National Treasure, Hugh Fox

Hugh Fox,writer, poet, editor and archeologist, has been described as 'the Paul Bunyan of American Letters, part myth, part monster and, myself-as subject, a magnificent non-stop story-teller' (Bill Ryan, The Unborn Book). Born in Chicago in 1932, he has written an astonishing 105 books, 85 of which have been published. While an undergraduate, he dropped out of medical school to concentrate on the humanities and gained a PhD in American Literature from the University of Illinois. Amongst many distinguished posts, he has held that of Fulbright Professor of American Studies and Literature at the universities of Hermosillo (Mexico), Caracas(Peru) and Florianopolis (Brazil). Hugh has edited a number of respected journals, including the International

Quarterly of Experimental Poetry, the Western World Review and the North American Review. His recent publications include Defiance (Higganum press 2007), Finalemente/Finally (Solo press 2007), Rediscovering America (World Audience 2008), The Collected Poems (World Audience 2008), Ice House, and The Thirteen Keys to Talmud (Crossing Chaos 2009).


Thirty Years Later 


“I don’t know why I’ve got this sense

of (all day long blood smears, FNA’s,
pap smears, slides, midnight to be

up at six, everyone with hands out,
then the Taliban, Darfur, Chicago street

murder, before bed weather channel, 

history channel, BBC news, a little piece of a
film about Henry VIII’s beheadings, once
a week a call to the Brazilian home-
crew, a little milk and banana, sleep-

pill, “Let’s give it a try.”) angustia,
angst, anguish.”

                                       -Hugh Fox


“I’m not afraid of DEATH, because
I believe in reincarnation, I might really
be born a beauty next time...or an Einstein...
Ein, one, Stein, stone...lots of pebbles
in that head. Or, you know, heaven,
someplace  out there in star-land,
pizza forever, no weight to loose,
no books, computers, TV, like HIGH,
HIGH, HIGH medical nightmares....
you gotta believe, believing creates its
own reality...look at  Glazinov’s violin
concerto in A Minor, Opus 82 no less,
1865-1936...I  know, I’m 77, but.....”

1865-1936...I  know, I’m 77, but.....”

                                                 -Hugh Fox

Wishing none of us had ever left
the little
Chi-town village called Chatham,

weddings, newborns, going to the same

sacred school as our newborns, every
Sunday Hoyadoin? Mass and all the
high/low holidays, a little coffee-time,
parks, job-talk, politics-talk, stint and
prostate/uterine cancer-talks, clothes,
films, funeral masses, cemetery flowers,
the next generation(s) moving into the
same (spruced-up) Chatham village

                                                    -Hugh Fox