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Issue 30, July 31, 2017
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Everything’s Connected

This week
in the Universe
everything was blueberries.

All magic, illusion...
The Law of Attraction
had led me to
pancakes, pie, yogurt
and last night a Blueberry ale
with the fruit swirling
around like lottery balls
about to be picked

Flipping the channels after dessert,
I saw Willy Wonka on television--
Violet Beauregard blew up like a balloon!

Somehow, I must have asked
for little round blue balls,
maybe in my sleep,
because later, dreamt you were
naked in a blueberry patch
placing all the ripe ones
in a small wooden box.

As I approached for a sample
you were covered in magenta paste
and I too was swelling up, except
that the universe, being all connected
previous to the big bang,
told me it was not yet time to eat.


                              -Timothy Gager



Many Different Positions 

Your Chihuahua drives us home.
She wags her tail when I place
her soft milk-chocolate paws
on the steering wheel,
let her toot the horn.

Beep. Beep.
That dog’s a good driver, I say,

I don’t think she’s a distraction.                              

The dog smiles,
moves to the ten and two o’clock position.

I’m in that position a lot.

Closing time comes quickly.

You bark, the dog’s going to kill us,
like going over the waterfall in a barrel,
or trapped in a theater that’s on fire.

You have never looked as lovely as when
we kiss, the car lurches onto the shoulder.

                                                -Timothy Gager