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Issue 30, July 31, 2017
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Take it With You
by Michelle Reale
A gift, proffered, whether it was wanted or not.  A nod of the head, “take it, take it.”   Such personal items, all of them loaded with her psychic detritus.   “Just in case,” she said, but I had no appreciation for her oversized brooches, Revlon compacts or her satin shoes, the ones she wore when she first met “him."   I was cold to the point of sociopathy.  She proclaimed it my illness. “You have yours and I have mine,” she said. It was the only thing we ever shared.  She seemed almost proud.  Why now, I wanted to know, but she just shook her head.   I imagined trash bins all over the city, like lodestars, where I could dump everything she gave me when the time came.   I stared at her as she slept, tried to feel.   I placed my finger under her nose, sensing the warm air.  Tried to summon anything, but failed.  Again.  Bemoaned the fact that the only thing worth having, all I ever wanted, she would take with her.