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Issue 30, July 31, 2017
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Welcome to Grey Sparrow Journal

Summer has slipped away.  Our maple trees are aflame and it's time to dress for fall. 

Grey Sparrow is excited to announce our 501(C)(3) status [Federal nonprofit] has been secured as of July 25th, 2012 and is retroactive to our date of incorporation, May 11, 2009.  

A skoshen of regret is infused with a few projects we wanted to finish this year.  Alas 'time marches on.' 

Our National Treasure in Poetry is Philip Schultz.  His "Poem 1" from Living in the Past lights the stage and teaches us about the power and elegance of words... and skewed world views framed against reality. 

Terry Bat-Sonja, our cover artist, has shared her vision in "Measured Explosion."  Bold, bright, soft curves against strong lines with blasts of color, generate the tension of a crowded theater, waiting for the production to start.

Stories abound; all beautifully detailed;"Nolan's Destiny," for baseball lovers, "Petite Suite Inutile," a towering story..., "The Lonely Kettle;" a fantasy written with tenderness, "Broken Pieces," which touches on a surgeon's skills…, "Secrets of the Bees," a tale of noble lovers and demise, poetry that sweeps, whistles, and so much more. I will add to this, I believe we host the most talented poets in the world.  What often seems obvious, requires multiple reads as the truth of our poets words are revealed.

Now, for the results of our inaugural Flash Fiction Winners for 2012.  "Tour Bus" by John White and "The Patron Saint of Easy Girls" tied for first place.  They are radically different flashes.  "Tour Bus" has elements of the abstract with snaps of the news twisted into place. "The Patron Saint of Easy Girls" by Colleen Harris graphically portrays the life of prostitutes; fringe people living on the edge.   I think, perhaps, we have only published one other r-rated story since 2009 when we started.  Our judges felt strongly, Colleen told us something important about this darker side of life.

Let the leaves nestle softly on your shoulders as you walk through the woods this fall and sit on a bench to read Grey Sparrow under the flaming trees.

Diane Smith