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Issue 30, July 31, 2017
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Silent Truth

It’s all about night ringing in the muted voice
As if we have immersed in the silence,
Irrevocably clear and precise,
The wound and pain buried inside—
No more evenings to be shared,
Eyelids and rose petals in a silver bowl
Closing the circle of weaving dreams.

The truth of music beyond darkness,
Now clipped into the building wall,
Softest murmurs of the creepers as
Tiny words remain to be touched,
For it may not work, the light years
Come all the way, soften our palms,
Gently speaking of hope and miseries.

The exchange is critical yet stable,
Amidst myriad shadow and light of the oil lamp,
Not the act of oneness, holding promise
In an uncapped decanter,
The burning star has more life in it.
It takes a long time before
We wake up, react and crumble.

                         —Gopal Lahiri