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Issue 30, July 31, 2017
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The Unbelievable



It’s hardly believable

literally so hard

that the same person

that just went past

from your side

was shot at, in broad daylight

in the town-quadruvial.

There he lies, all smeared in blood

cold and senseless.


It’s possible

that the cycle-boy you saw being crushed to death

underneath a truck

could be a witness of your son

who was kidnapped last month

and in his search you have been compassing

police beats, where

all action is limited to mere inquiries!


The middle-aged man

who stayed all night awake on a seat next to yours

in a train

is possibly the father of the girl

who was raped last week

and he is going to collect her dead body

from a distant village


Just a moment ago

a fair, smiling lass asked you

the address of a hospital

where, she was scheduled to meet an old friend

but in a blast that exploded in the broad daylight

she got her face badly deformed!

The thin, tethered clothes on her body

suggest that she is the same girl!

All her dreams have been shattered

all around her,

emanating from her body

one can see nothing

but the grey coils of smoke.


—Rajkumar Shrestha

Translated from Nepali by Mahesh Paudyal