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Issue 30, July 31, 2017
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[ink, heart]: bleeds


by Michelle Disler




The ink bleeds, hearts bleed, the books are stiff, and the lovers, new and old, are flattened or splayed by the crease of a spine, handled with care and carelessness, equally, as the book falls from my hand to the floor, and the girl falls, too, the guy, on the pages of romance budding on paper so cheap the hearts and stars and sighs are cheaper still, but no less entertaining, which is the real kicker; endings are happy, with kisses and coupling, for single mothers and handsome single cops and doctors alike, all made shiny and new in this new forever, together, where knitting and motherhood and heroism exist in easy harmony, and all the hurts and harms of the past are left so far behind it’s nearly impossible to remember a time when love so mad and so chaste, so strangely sexy, bleeding from one chapter to the next, and the hearts of the lovers beating, beating, beating, wasn’t always the way it was, always.