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Issue 30, July 31, 2017
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2011, SPRING

when you wake up this morning they have already abolished unions


the earth


and lays her head back down slightly to the left


the sea

sings across that island

pressing our hopes between backup plans

their promises melting down below deck

that day

you and I try again

after again

to kick start our baby’s beating heart

my body swelling like the bulging wave

a sailor not concerned for the sea


the brotherly leader swings his barreled gaze towards his own people

while the west treads water unsure which way to shore

all around us

our elected's jump ship

unable to contain the breech with their bare hands

back home

we turn our boat into the wind

knuckle grasping the gunnel of the middle class

by the time

the sea retreats

we turn our eyes away from the desert of detritus and debris

all the while

you and I

risk half life and decay

to still the sea

so that a blinking reflection of stars might emerge from the soupy black below

to fix our eyes on a small light in the distance to navigate by

the most fearful and fearless crossing we can imagine in the midst of this madness

                                                                                                                       -Laurel Albina