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Issue 30, July 31, 2017
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Chirps from the Sparrow!

I attended a funeral recently for an acquaintance: Harold Andersen. He gave years of service to the military and medical world. It was largely attended and long. After the closing words, one of the honor guards played "Taps." I walked over to the musician and said, “How hauntingly beautiful."

“I had trouble with the mouthpiece on the bugle. A few notes were slightly off,” he said.

“I didn't notice. "Taps" make me cry. I’m glad you played it today as I was in an awfully cheerful mood for a funeral.”  I stuttered, adding, "I don't really know the deceased well."

“Thanks," he smiled. "In the past, we used a boom box for "Taps." No live musicians were ever allowed. During an outdoor funeral, a woofer box was added, so the "Taps" could be heard—sad, low, and yes, loud; lots of background noise outside. Anyone would have heard the music blocks away. When we received the cue, the switch was flipped. What came out was "Revelry." I suspect some of the mourners didn’t recognize it based on their reactions.  A large number  stared at the ground, trying to suppress laughter.  Since then, we've had live musicians.”

That day, in some respects, reminds me of Grey Sparrow Journal. Nah, I promise reading it won’t be like a funeral, but you may find yourself crying at a river festival, charging through a time tunnel in Australia, and laughing with poets. If that doesn’t do it, you can always vicariously experience the LSD experiment.  Just think of yourself as Control Subject Number Three.

Today, I want to let our readers know who we are.  We are abundantly wild at the Sparrow; offering rare, edible words, with music; "Revelry" and "Taps."

Bon Appétit!

                                                                                                                                                                                                 -Diane Smith, Editor

Correction:  Several Grey Sparrow web pages were destroyed in 2009 for its first two issues.  This first chirp is a reconstruction based on the original writing.