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Issue 30, July 31, 2017
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The beginning of the long line


What you remember has only just begun to place itself somewhere in that tired spot

between your shoulder blades, the place you would gladly invite any hands to invade.


And this beginning operates in concert with the way you get thirsty now at night.

And always place a glass of water next to you even though you sleep without waking.


And the plot of this story begins inside sleep and carries you into the

day thinking that small steps are larger than they are and actually you are afraid.


So you take the small steps that would lead to a memory that has just begun to unfold

in the form of an itinerary, as if every point on your body inscribed the history it hides.


And what then comes into focus: some tall trees on either side of a curved road, a black

automobile, flat wet faces, the hum of tires, and none of this true


but rather an invention that could lead to a memory but doesn’t.



                                                                 --Ruth Danon