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Issue 30, July 31, 2017
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A Suburban Perception on the Heavens



Darkness is most easily understood

in the light nights

above the ordered suburban rows

of my coastal Connecticut sky.

Where the few stars capable

of distinguishing themselves

from the nearby Manhattan glow

had always simplified

my perception of heaven.

And if, I never breathed

the cold, still autumn night

of a Vermont orchard,

where the stringent smell

of countless fallen apples

sweetly rotting about my feet

singed my senses

and sharpened my sight

to a night sky so alive with light–

or if, I had never walked

on a Carolina beach

after midnight, where

the strong calm of endless waves

moving billions

of sand pebbles onto tidal flats

could not compare with the infinity

of the moonless glistening canopy


above me–  

I would have only known a few stars,

the bright ones,

that really are

not stars at all


   -Mike Ambrose