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Issue 30, July 31, 2017
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The Endless Roads


Awake and go

got to stomp down

to the crowded street

grab a café au lait

and a day old crescent

head into the cold air

hustle and bustle of human

faces faces everywhere

take the stairs to the bridge

to the upper hill roads

all stacked up

with white stone buildings

under bleak green awnings

and dark windows full of smoke

looking for an address

an old actress

in her mansion tomb

with her kept man

clutching his diamond tie pin

and Bentley phone

floating face down

to the earth

close up on the worms

doing their work



                —Douglas Cole



It’s so quiet

you can hear a heart beat—

in the distance

a sound

a siren

a whistle or a bell

the wood walls

the gray windows

looking out

onto street level

feet passing

tires hissing

time ticking

on an old clock

trio on the bandstand

a bass player

piano player

trumpet player smoking

his eyes full of gage



                       —Douglas Cole



Elysian Fields

You enter a Zen garden

with a blue pool steaming

the mist rising through

the limbs of a red leaf maple

rocks shape-shifting

from an old man gazing

through his monocle

to an old owl flying free

from a stone peak

the hand of the artist

now touching

the fingertip of god

at the end of a fern leaf

bowed with one clear

drop of rain

and yellow grass

like eyelashes

draped over a waterfall

and then you look up

and see

framed by the fence

the rooftop and the trees

waves of geese

passing like a dream



                  —Douglas Cole