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Issue 30, July 31, 2017
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Chirps From The Sparrow


In spring, robins sing, rabbits spring in the air on the edge of dusk, whitetail buck shed their antlers. Creatures of the woods have won their mates.  Une telle joie de l'amour: such a joy of love.
Speaking of which, five  years ago, Grey Sparrow Press was incorporated as a 501[c]3 nonprofit corporation and Grey Sparrow Journal and Snow Jewel Journal went to press.  A love is ever present for Grey Sparrow 's authors, artists, photographers, and volunteers who supported the Press and Journals during those formative years and continue to do so. 


The first Grey Sparrow Journal and Snow Jewel were hand-sewn using a fine drill bit and dental floss. It is still designed, printed, and assembled quietly at home after a brief foray with commercial printing in 2011. Circulation has gone from  seven viewers to approximately one million cumulative viewers online. One free journal is still given to each author, artist, and photographer whose work is featured in an issue.

Tracy K. Smith, recipient of the Pulitzer Prize is our national treasure in poetry. Smith has wisdom beyond her years.  With the unique ability to incorporate classic form with modern lines and thought, she talks about the world we live in...

Please be sure to read Danny Weeks' poetry, Robert Wexelblatt's, and Michael Keith's fine flashes.   Ira Joel Haber gives us New York City en pointe.  Troy Rodrigues reminds us love is a powerful beast.  The artistry of Susanne Riette-Keith is featured. Enjoy the writing, photography, and art.  


                                                                                                                                                                                                            —Diane Smith