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Issue 30, July 31, 2017
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Ira Joel Haber - Featured Artist
About our featured artist...

Ah yes photography. I’ve always taken photographs, and I mean always. When I was a little boy my mother made sure I had a camera.  I even had a darkroom where I would develop my photos--I can still smell those chemicals and see the bright primary color plastic trays I used to bring my pictures to life. It was like magic. In my late teens I bought a second hand camera from a friend and have lots of photos from those few years in black and white. But, I stopped taking photographs for a long time.  The second hand camera broke and I didn’t have the money to buy a new one. I didn’t have a camera with me when I went to Europe in my early 20’s traveling to Germany for an exhibition of my art. In my mid 20’s I did acquire a Polaroid camera and I have quite a few of these rancid little shots, some of them are interesting I suppose, but then this machine broke and once again--no camera. When I went to California to teach in 1982 at the University of California I once more didn’t have a camera, but a colleague gave me one of his that he wasn’t using any longer and I took hundreds of slides and got all excited again about images caught in time. But when this camera broke that was it, and I didn’t take any photographs until the digital age and now once more, I’m hooked.

new york city photo 0d22_zpse0f00b2f.jpg