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Issue 30, July 31, 2017
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Crafted Ruins


you’ve only got one cup of coffee

to mar this masterpiece as best you can

so make it count and make me hear

my heart split with a sound

like tearing canvas

as a miniature infinity of brilliant hues

bleed out of me

congealing at my feet

now no more than muddy mess

so just one glance

will send all your regrets

shuffling off you

an old skin to the floor

that will nip-snap at your ankles

till you’re on your lonely way


me, i’ll stitch up all those gashes

courtesy of your caress

until they are nothing more than

bumpy, relief-map scars

so that if ever i find

another lover

who prefers my hair cut short

he may trace his fingers over the lines

and they will whisper to him

that once he works his way under

my armor-thick skin

my blood will write him

a million love songs

coursing through

my limbs

and gripping tight

my heart

which they will


against my chest

like a lion’s-head knocker

begging me to release them 

and that he must forgive me

because I am forever fated

destined to confuse

the shock-sharp fire of feeling

for the pain of peeling myself

away from my secret songs


neither happens much, you see

so the mistake is understandable


but the truth will tear out of me


so long as he vows

not just to mean every word

but to produce

freeways frozen

as ghost towns

and newsreels full

of only the truest nothings

when it comes time for him to tell me

how the world stops when we kiss

                    -Morgan Nikola-Wren