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Issue 30, July 31, 2017
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The wizard descends

a long staircase with laundry

cigarette dangling from pursed lips

his curses twitter and taunt

jealous mumblings

as gnarled fingers caress

the delicate fabric

her heart

a failed coupling

to remember

he places the fine bodice

still in the window

incanting forgiveness.


                           -Mary Lynn Reed




Love is Blindness




We close our eyes say our prayers

to a god who leaves us longing

for the fabric of his fingers


touch me now don't see me

weeping with remembrance

of a future happy

I am blinded.


This ship is not sinking

under gray sky silent he withholds

the demon thunder


as you whisper

yes, but

I love you.


                               -Mary Lynn Reed




Why Can't They Shit There




Two geese, one wounded

hijack the office park lawn

patient they camp here

one sits soft on the flowers

sad mate paces with worry.


The workers arrive

go to lunch, leave for the day

the geese block the drive

stake out their claim to our lot

hissing when we get too close.


After three days pass

Facilities declares war

too much shit, they say

we must defend our green grass,

flowers in bloom, right of way

Why can't they stay here?

Bleeding heart workers unite

Do not harm the geese!

Put down your weapons of hate

and shovel their shit for Love.


                          -Mary Lynn Reed