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Issue 30, July 31, 2017
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Coming Out of Hibernation


On the hottest day of spring,

the feel of heavy air reminds

that this is tornado county.

Walk down the trail, smell moldering

oak leaves and traces of just gone snow.

In the sandstone cliffs hear a scrabble

scrape as snakes fall out of a fracture

in the stone, one after another as if the world

is stuffed with writhing things.

                                     -Lisa Cihlar



This grasshopper with one

jumping leg missing, gone

maybe into the beak of a bird,

then dropped as inadequate

so hauled away by ants

who need just such a thing.

Or maybe tangled in the web

of a spider, a huge web strung

between a sunflower stem

and the post of an empty birdfeeder.

A sunflower that only grew due

to careless winter blue jay’s

scattered seeds. Searching

for the best one, one that remembers

summer days, and fullness,

when grasshoppers whir the air

and spit brown tobacco.

This grasshopper escaped

its fate, possibly, or lives its fate

probably, weary from never getting

where it’s going.

                                        -Lisa Cihlar

                                                                              Graphic, Kyle Hemmings