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Issue 30, July 31, 2017
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Outside Mumbai in the not too distant

future there is a car

coated in orange dust


catapulting along pocked tarmac:  then

shattered metal and crush of glass

releasing a spray of wind—


shield becoming wave

leaving three souls looking

for the upholstered interior of the body—


through a process we do not yet understand

these souls scatter like yellow leaves

caught in a whirlwind:  one


settles quickly into the red warmth of a birth nearby—

merging with the nearly born

girl compressing through the pelvis


in the metaphysical equivalent of a cowbird

poaching nest space from the unwitting

finches who then run themselves frazzled


feeding what they perceive to be

their own—the other two souls

visit the in-between spaces of Earth and sky—


where they blossom and fade in the moist air

until an opening appears near Valparaiso

and they intertwine like fine white roots


in the cool rain drifting in over the Pacific.

When the girl near Mumbai is eleven and sees

a photograph of those green hills

she feels an inexplicable longing

then dismay when no one

understands how much she yearns to be there


sitting beneath one evergreen in particular

a ghostly form that is almost

but not quite shrouded in mist.


—Michael Bazzett