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Issue 30, July 31, 2017
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Honored Guest

  L.  B.  Chhetri

L. B.  Chhetri is an Associate Professor of English at Tribhuwan University, Nepal.   His many short stories and poems have been published in Nepali and English in Nepal.   An author of Trishanku Ko Deshma; a collection of short stories, he is also the President of the Kabi Dada Literary Society, and edits the literary magazine: Charaiveti.

I Did Not Stop To Inquire More



Then, I was in a dream …  
the land
where my friends live
my brothers, my sisters—
my own.

There, I met a girl of sixteen,
completely blind,
yet, she could see
how sick her mother was.
The ill woman had failed to vote in the last election
and government felt no responsibility to care for her.
She had no shop,
no job,
no earnings …
The blind daughter earned,
and fed her sick mother.

I did not stop to inquire more.

I met a boy of ten;
happy, smiling, and laughing
collecting rags and plastics in his
loose torn sweater
found in the same heap of waste.
It hung on his body as
protection against the cold.
He sold his collections and earned a few pennies
buying a loaf of bread
to feed his sick mother.

I did not stop to inquire more.

In the morning, I craved to pass every one;
all the pathetic scenes
I had in this dream.
I met a newly married University Professor;
my colleague, my junior,
and wished to tell him of the event
But, he had no interest in me.
Rather, he narrated the experience of
his honeymoon
and the beautiful scenes he watched from Sarankot,
of the Annapurna range, of Seti khola, and of
Hyangjabesi village.
He didn't tell me
if he found a blind girl or a rag boy
or a hungry sick mother.
In the lap of Annapurna range, near the bank of the  river Seti
Or in the village Hyangja besi.  

I did not stop to inquire more.  

                                     – L.  B.  Chhetri