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Issue 30, July 31, 2017
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Full Moon over the City




All day sequestered

in city closets and streets

like a best-kept secret


Radiant moon presses darkness

and crowns the horizon—

blood red rooftops and towers


From its bed of buildings

the moon lifts like a lotus blossom

drifts tethered to an entire world


Framed by our window

and black balcony rails

the sky fills with the emptiness

of a full moon


The city shoulders its growing distance

like a sacred wound

then sparkles and settles

into the silver bones of towers and spires

as if that were all there is


                       -Alixa Doom




Sometimes White Wings




Sometimes white wings

erupt from the city's ceiling of treetops,

the flower of their unfolding

baffling heavenly blues,

and I rush to my top floor view,

point binoculars for

seagull, swan, or egret,

this sudden wheeling

as if of a pure spirit propelled

from the darkness of earth,

the invisible made manifest

and circling among towers

of the landlocked city,

but it soon evades me and drops

through a thicket of reeds

and marsh mud that reels it in

like an ancient secret

of an innate goodness

that  has survived

our neglect and plunder.


                     -Alixa Doom