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Issue 30, July 31, 2017
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Mother Water


Ganga has her stories to tell

Wish she had someone to listen to her

Story of her arrival is passé, we guess,

And that of her passage over the ages,

Witnessing numerous banks of civilizations


We are not even bothered to see her struggle

She fights as the boats ply in the river

She accommodates them,

Their loads, and of course men...

Physiologists say the womb can withstand

Much stress, and strain


Ganga listens to our prayers

Both mute and loud,

We wonder if she enjoys

The enchanting hymns

Devotees sing while they sit

By her side with music and flowers


People die

We cremate them in the Hindu pyres

And float the residues in the river

Ganga absorbs all of them

As they settle into the soil

Beneath her water


Ganga has her stories to tell

Wish she had someone to listen to her

Story of her nursing the fetus

Contained in an inflated uterus

While patiently awaiting her tour

Accompanying the new life

Kiriti Sengupta



[Ganga refers to the river Ganges that is commonly worshiped by the Hindus across the globe.]


Kajal Deeghi


Leisure around the water
It was named Kajal Deeghi

I was inquisitive,
Water here didn't look black,
Nor would I call it green

The lake seemed deep

I quickly remembered Banalata Sen
Her profound eyes resembled
The nest of a bird

Those eyes,
The water in the lake
They house, and reflect...

Kiriti Sengupta

[A "Deeghi" is a lake that is formed naturally. "Kajal" is a widely used color by Asian women for defining their eyes.]