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Issue 30, July 31, 2017
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Artists' Statements

by Ken Fifer and Larry Mitnick

These works, combining collage and poetry, are part of a collaborative project entitled “Architectural Conditions” whose methodology involves an ongoing dialogue between poet Ken Fifer, and architect Larry Mitnick. The collaboration assumes that an identification of the architectural conditions within Fifer’s poetry can be embodied in pictorial terms. The intent of the collages by Mitnick is not to illustrate the poetry but to locate foremost the shared architectural conditions. The poetry by Fifer does not describe the collages but locates the shared architectural conditions. The movement back and forth between these two different mediums creates a dynamic process of reflection, discourse, and in the end a working method. This project was presented for the first time at the University of Granada, Spain, in June 2011. Ken and Larry grew up together doing collaborative art projects together in Housing Projects in the Bronx.

Ken Fifer, [Left,] Larry Mitnick [Right]