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Issue 30, July 31, 2017
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Seafarers, sellers of cedar,

pine, metalwork, crowns


of thorns, dogs, glass, wine,

they thought up paper


& alphabetized, paid tribute

to whatever king laid siege,


but went on worshipping

Moloch & Baal. They carved


beasts & divinities from other

lands whose look they liked


in gold & ivory. They dyed

wool purple with the long


gone Murex snail’s

crushed shell.


―Hilary Sideris

Della Francesca


Few understood as he did

the regular bodies of Euclid,


hidden facets, circles within curves

that give grace to a common vase,


or a prince in belted silk,

Saracen-fashion, on a horse.


For the Barefoot Franciscans

he frescoed an Annunciation,


columns mathematically fading

behind the blond angel.


Blinded by catarrh, he died

in a palazzo built by his own


hands & burned soon after,

in another civil war.


―Hilary Sideris




Phoenician sarcophagus found
Cádiz, Spain; now in
Archaeological Museum of Cádiz.
The sarcophagus is thought to
 have been designed and paid for
 by a Phoenician merchant, and made
 in Greece with  Egyptian influence.