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Issue 30, July 31, 2017
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A Prayer, Nothing More


When we saw the crippled van

slouched over in last breath,

our bus slowly passed

then left the wreck in its rearview.

But the commotion

on that Spanish road to Granada

had pushed traffic back

several miles—burnt tire hide

lay on the road like a scab,

and a drift of smoke

crept towards the heavens.

None of us spoke: our eyes

whispered what each of us thought—

that we were witnesses, servants

to an emotion gripping our throats,

seizing the words forming

inside our lungs.

There is something mysterious about witnessing an accident:

the angry collapse and crush

followed by silence,

curiosity trailing close behind.

Each car crawled past on the shoulder,

and that ragged landscape—

mountains and earth,

fierce and jagged—

reached high above, lifting

its hands as if in prayer.


―Judson Simmons


The front ends of two cars after colliding