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Issue 30, July 31, 2017
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Escapees out Bedroom Windows


escapees out bedroom windows

into empty lot valley

convened by recycled hormones

first laps around new bodies

5 second hush after lightning

night’s finger to its own lip

before thunder

gleaming little whiskey bottles

appear from nowhere

4 second storm cloud acoustic panel

parental last vigilance

muted, unobtrusive

in box seats of upper hotel suites

overlooking empty lot

sipping wine pre-show and smiling

a boy holds a wooden ladder wavering two stories in air

paint splattered banged against her bedroom windowsill

their daughter stealthy tentative naked foot on first wrung

then down in loose flannel nightgown

to join the growing numbers

3 second dried weed smell

yellow cracks in overturned bowl of night’s theater

quickly healed fissures filled with salve of darkness

ground-swept tumbleweed brown paper bag

first warm whiskey stomachs and whispers

orchestral man-made with tools of nature

escapees wander, weave, complicit

among empty lot flexible brick and steel

2 second gray quilt pulled over offspring’s bedtime

Their voices in wind hiss


rise and ebb surf through weeds

1 second dust

leaf flipping


rain gob epicenter

seeks her flannel nightgown level

she twirls fully equilibrated

once hesitant

rain now insistent, weighty, irrepressible

already molding their smooth seamless surfaces


―Keith Vosseller