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Issue 30, July 31, 2017
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To A Golden Maiden


I would take you home

and place you on a shelf

in my cabinet of gold

and silver, safe behind


a glass door but you

are a human figurine

and far too tall. You belong

at the Public Market where

tourists pay to photograph

your ersatz wealth, golden

face and hair, down the length


of your gilded gown. I know

about being a living doll

whose arms can bend

and eyes blink, with a heart

that livens when a simpatico sees

through the cover of a precious

veil. The kiss you blew


as I departed, landed on

my tarnished brow. Tenderness

floated back from my own plated

lips and fingers to your cheek


or breast. Where doesn't matter

to a fantasy.


—Carrie Albert

Carrie Albert