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Issue 30, July 31, 2017
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When the peonies
ask for forgiveness
they shed their petals
in the glorious sun
one at a time,
sweet as the cowbell
in the far-off field
that bows the head
from a weighty
clapper. You my dear
are the third
degree burn
that peels the skin
from a heated tongue
your voice unchaste
with a hint of chocolate-
and I have learned
the power of suffering
marooned without you
my nectar sucked dry.

           -Carol Lynn Grellas
Tainted Blend

May I have a dirty martini please?
I’d like to roll the olives back
between my tonsils, balanced there,
under the influence of brine juice
and gin while murmuring words that become
undecipherable through the hum
of dry vermouth, stir the ingredients
like a cocktail shaker, serve you chilled;
so icy-nice until you quiver and beg
for mercy, just enough time to spit
out the pit, say I love you, in three
different languages, a head cocked maven,
like Ava Gardner in her famous pose;
your very own Venus with a dash
of wicked and shocking thrown in.

                                        -Carol Lynn Grellas