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Issue 30, July 31, 2017
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John Larsen - Featured Artist
About this month's featured artist...


John Larsen, the founder of Clear Lake Stained Glass [1976], is an artist and glass beveler of a first order.  He has restored stained glass windows of historical significance all over the United States.  As an artist, his personal creations blend the past with the present, incorporating Luxfer Prism tiles and more.  


"We create stained glass windows and restore work for churches and homes," John said.  "My specialty is beveled glass windows of high quality. Our studio is located on five acres south of Clear Lake, Iowa. The following pictures represent recent commissions.  These large windows add an elegance that will last a lifetime, or longer, but are expensive.  We sell a number of Bohemian glass ornaments and light catchers for a modest price. Virtually any theme can be created.  Clear Lake Stained Glass has a sailboat windows and vacation motifs; Clear Lake is known as a picturesque spot on the lake.  Our town also houses The Surf with Buddy Holly reunions.  Visitors are always welcome to stop by.  


Our website is at:   Please email me at: and let me know you're coming.  I enjoy showing my studio and windows to guests."

Prairie design door. 24 wide, 60 tall. Sheffield, Iowa. 

Clear Lake, Iowa Gaff rig sail boat. 13 wide, 15 tall.

Front door with hand beveled glass.

Arched beveled window with hand beveled 3/8 inch glass. Northfield, MN.