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Issue 30, July 31, 2017
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Chirps from the Sparrow



I remember Mom’s mantra from childhood well.   “Go outside and play.  Maybe Tommy can come out."


“No way!” I said, staring at the TV.  “Double Bubble Butt Brown?”


The doorbell rang when I was about to be scolded for name calling. 


“I need help!” Mrs. Brown’s hair was like a Mr. Science experiment. 


“Got some coffee on.”  Mom said. 


“No time.  Tommy locked me out—left hot soup on the stove!”


Mom grabbed our coats and we rushed to Mrs. Brown’s door.  Tommy looked in my eyes through the window and yelled, “Whadaya want?”


“Open this door right now.” Mrs. Brown yelled.


“Nice day to slide,” he giggled.


 “Tommy Brown, open this door!”


I gave Mrs. Brown and Mom my snicker grin.  “I’ll get ‘em out!”


“You will?” Mom stared at me and raised an eyebrow.


“Tommy, you know that steely you lost last week? I know where it is.”


“I knew you took it!  Where is it?”


“Somewhere in Gray’s room―my mom will find it.”


Mrs. Brown smiled, hearing the door creak as it opened to a slit.  As fast as Mohammed Ali in the world championship fight, Mrs. Brown grabbed Tommy.


We think this issue will offer a few surprises such as Tommy experienced, laughs, maybe some tears, and snicker grins. 


Curl up by the fire and read the new winter issue of Grey Sparrow Journal.  Don’t go out to slide until you’re done.


                                                                 ―Diane Smith