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Issue 30, July 31, 2017
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Jesus Christ!

Just keeping up with the statuses—

He has to be God to do it—

over seven billion now, and they change

by the nanosecond—

births, death, joys, agonies, relationships—

and those are just the people.


Being God, He is also watching the blades

of grass, the flitting gnats, the sextillion glimmering stars,

indefatigable ants, crickets, beetles, spiders,

rabbits foraging, red hawks soaring, lemurs howling,

swarming shoals of herring and dolphins frisking,

massive flyways of monarchs and swallows,

and the protozoa in the gut of the flea on the jackal

roaming for carrion on the Serengeti.


Yes, He’s addicted to it—

no time to eat or sleep,

and it’s all He can do to grab a quick plate

of ambrosia and a demitasse of nectar.

Though He finds the warring groups—

Catholics, Baptists, Methodists, Prebyterians,

Shiites, Sunis, Ismaili, Alawites,

Chasids, Masorti, Reformed, Kabbalists,

Hinayanas, Mahayanas, Shingon-shu, Jodo-shu,

Shaivites, Vaishnaivites, Shaktas, Smartas—tiring,

still He cannot stop watching.


It’s only at midnight, when the angels have ceased

strumming, that He sees from His interlunar cave

into the darkest corner of a Favela, where an infant

in Rocinha is dying in her mother’s

arms, and He wonders why

He does this, and why

He doesn’t stop, and He thinks

maybe He should

quit, but He can’t.

God help Him!


                                        —Jeffrey P. Beck