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Issue 30, July 31, 2017
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He says he smells the trees

through the joint rolled

in an unfiltered piece of newsprint

a little tobacco to appease the spirits

cherry burning in the center of the cone

leaves on the ground

angels in his fingertips

reach out

to talk to          the branches

‘The angel showed me how we was created.’

Rolling greaseball burger wrapper

behind eyes, unformed ball

of ice ‘n dirt, heavy breathing, elongated shadow

adhesive sand and thirst

     ‘Seventh day Adventist church is the new pope

     Israel is the church

     Lucifer wants a burnin’ high rollin’ priest…’

He shows me his hand going in and out of a fist,

“This is concertina. When the universe shrinks expands and shrinks again.”

Respiration from cerebral to cardio

holding his breath for a count of ten

and exhales a cloud of primordial smoke

the head by way of the ear to the heart

the heart by way of the breath to the…

He points to his chest

then to his head,

       “I speak to the trees with this. Not this.”

                                       -Daniel Thompson