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Grey Sparrow Journal

Issue 30, July 31, 2017
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“Last Night I Was a Child Again in Raleigh,” will air on Garrison Keillor's nationally syndicated radio show, Writer’s Almanac, on September 12th. The poem is from Corey Mesler's collection, Among the Mensans and is published in this issue!


  "Andrei, why are we doing this?" Michaela Ridgway

Our National Treasure
Tyehimba Jess
The Winner of the 2017 Pulitzer Prize for Poetry
We have reintroduced
Flash Fiction for this issue.

Poet Doug Holder's BookLast Night at the Wursthaus will be released September 1st, 2017 published by 
Grey Sparrow Press
Our Guest Artist,
Michaela Ridgway

Artist's Statement

After spending a number of years life drawing, I shifted recently to paint and colour. I paint figures in landscapes that hover somewhere between the abstract and the real. Colour is a particular preoccupation of my work.

I sometimes turn to Venezuela, where I worked as a journalist in the 90s, for subject matter. It's a hot, vibrant and magical country, and painting is a way of re-engaging with that time and place - with the revellers, the devil dancers, the beach cafes, the heat, and the tropical colours. It's like time travel. 

Painting is also an act of discovery. A line of enquiry is allowed to meander or sometimes to get deliberately lost. I prefer not to have a fixed outcome in my immediate line of sight. Instead, I half-see a painting’s end-point in my peripheral vision. The physical process - picking up a brush, holding it a certain way, how and where I stand in relation to the canvas, mixing colour, standing back, peering up close - is of central importance.  

The most exciting thing is when a painting goes beyond where I thought it was meant to stop. Then we - me and the painting - find ourselves in a very liberated and highly unpredictable place. You may find more of Michaela's work at: