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Issue 30, July 31, 2017
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Last Night I Was a Child Again in Raleigh


Last night I was a child again

in Raleigh. And the

Dorich boys were on the roof

and my sister was

waiting behind the Monopoly

board and it was summer

and the heat was like

a separate personality and

dogs wandered here and

there unhindered by fences or

leashes and I could see

how my future spread out be-

fore me like a relief map

without relief and I only wanted

to fit in again, to find

my family intact, Scamp still

alive and my father,

regal in his recliner, an

ashtray full of cigarettes

near him and I wanted to say,

Father, stop now, stop please,

let this not be a dream. Let it

be true that I am a child again

in Raleigh, under the

finest sun anyone had ever seen,

never to be seen again.


             -Corey Mesler