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Issue 30, July 31, 2017
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Two Kingdoms


1. Wasps


Alert as a bed

     of Canadian

thistle, they

     pitch their tents,

puffy parasols,

     beneath the chicken


coop’s over

     hang and begin

scouting out any sign

     of intruders: ponies,

boys, pullets.  With honey

     combed eyes as countless


as that blood-hungry

     horde of Genghis Khan’s

marauders brandishing scimitars,

     they’re harbingers

of hell's a-coming. 

     On deadened summer days 


they chew with dusty

     satisfaction as

the sweltering heat rises

     in rippling

waves of unhurried hours,

     horrid with aimless boredom.



2. Spider



O black bag of guile, a garden’s

  li'l sack o’ tricks & trouble,


she fusses as tightly she stretches

  her webby canvas to catch whatever


might chance on by, wrapping up a half-

  dozen victims in yards & yards of sticky silk. 


Before another day breaks, she’ll tally up

  last night’s unluckiest, tidy her domain


& settle in to see just who’ll be

  next to shake her front door.


                         -Terry Savoie