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Issue 30, July 31, 2017
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Within the hive, within the white

folds of the developing larvae,

the slick translucence of the as yet

unformed wings: within the slightly bowed

yet roundish head, the patterned abdomen

and bristled thorax: within the hard

extruding needle at the base, the swirl

of pheromone and sting, the phenotypal

rule, extended from the queen—

the history of flowers:

the sedate stamen cupped

in its opacities, the antlered

pistil. All the pure and striated

indigos, the bells and umbrels and

starbursts opening upon the chosen

season: Bull thistle plumbed

to seed. The mullein’s taper

speckled with small flames. Devil’s Claw

closing as the sky darkens. Each

rooted blossoming urges toward

the bee’s lightness, its humming body:

urges toward the delicate ankles, the slim

antennae, seeks the long arc

of its flight, its quick feet.

O to enter into that house of passages and shadow,

to return to sweetness.


             -Randall Watson