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Issue 30, July 31, 2017
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The Journalist: A New Bridge Unlikely


Who: Fore River Bridge

What: must be replaced

Where: between Quincy and Weymouth, Massachusetts

When: in the near future


The iron swing bridge of 1902

Had been replaced in 1936

By a double-draw of ornamented style

With Art Deco handrails in bronze detail.


This bascule bridge caused several accidents

That added to the traffic and complaints;

Soon pleas for a new structure reached the state:

Send us a bridge to love, not love to hate.


The temporary, all that we could get,

Soon earned its given name, Erector Set;

With panels, pins, and bolts on shaky piers,

They built the thing to last for fifteen years.


Not one to be the bearer of bad news,

I call this bridge a comedy of errors.


                                   -Joyce Wilson