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Issue 30, July 31, 2017
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FALL 2009, Issue 2


Impression, soleil levant, 1872, Claude Monet,

oil on canvas, Musee Marmottan Monet, Paris


Our National Treasure, Hugh Fox

Wishing, Afraid, Thirty Years Later, Hugh Fox

Visconti (2,)Robert Lietz

Three Poems, David Labounty

Blackout, Dan Brenner

The Cat Skinner, Bill Frank Robinson


Always a Musical, After, Grandmother at Ninety-One, John Ballard

Meditation 80, Meditation 81, Anne Brooke

Flowering, Relocation, Returning, Renee Emerson

Solid Sounds, Blend, Joanne Faries


Everthing's Connected, Many Different Positions, Timothy Gager


After Putting Down the Dog, A Return to Normal,  A Small Fault, Howie Good

Cul de Sac, The Clincher, KJ


To Eat One More Bouquet of Ethereal Flowers, Doggerel’s Flophouse, K.J. Hannah Greenberg


True Colors, The Untitled She, Glimpse, Still, Mitra


Draft, Stephen Moore

Days Fulfilled, Ben Nardollili

Captivated by Myself and Other Foes, Anne Moore Odell

Dindi Jusst Outside J.C. Penney's, Dindi Checking Her Tires, Dindi at the Sink, Kenneth Pobo

How it Appears, Dusting, Not to Complicate, Meg Pokrass

Part of a Day, A Land Called America, Joseph Reich

Metacogniphor, Sunday Morning, Crossword, Mimi Vaquer

Dustbowl, She Haunts, Lesley Weston

Mary's Devotion, Lightening Strike, The Girl Scouts take a Nature Walk, Combustible, Ann Walters


Shannon Taggart

Short Stories

The Valley Assasin, Bill Frank Robinson

On the Waves, Cooper Renner

Mozart and I, Alex Braverman

Flash Fiction

Chips, Hugh Fox [Our National Treasure]

Five Micros: excerpts from Easter Rabbit, Joseph Young

Logic and Star, Cezarija Abartis

Passion's Path, Vickie Clasby 

Bait, Elizabeth Creith

The Elephant in the Coffee Shop, Frank Dahai

Know I'm Talking Alot, Highly Susceptible to Internal Suggestion, Krissy Domm

The Dead, If Its All the Same to You, Iris Macor

Neuroplasticine, Terry Pearce

Golden Wheat, Michelle Reale