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Issue 30, July 31, 2017
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FALL 2011, Issue 10

                                                                                                                                         Windows of the World, Jacqueline Bates

Chirps from the Sparrow



Our National Treasure, Kay Ryan

Two Poems, Tim Stobierski

Senryu, Craig W. Steele

Changing Perspectives, Mike Ambrose

There are Skies that are Closer..., Greg Moglia

Eusociality, Evolved,  Discussion,  Scott Duke Kominers

Until the Last Breath, Judith Zukerman

In the Lingering Days to Come, Mercedes Lawry

It Is Only a Movie, Barry Harris

Senryu, William Cullen, Jr.

Three Poems, John Sibley Williams

Troubling Myself..., James Silas Rogers

Pilgrimage I,  Pilgrimage II, Peter Schireson

Another Portrait of My Mother, Marge Barrett

Autumn Revival, Kevin Heaton


Flash Fiction


Do Elephants, G. David Schwartz

The Last Two Minutes of the Game, Natalie McNabb

War, Love, Rain, Louis M. Abbey

Drummer, Blue Glass, Straightjacket, Jeffrey Kingman

Turbulence, Jenna Morgan

Only a Moment, Erin Christian



Guest Photographers


Swedish Gun, Peek-a-boo Girl, Edward F. Palm, Ph.D.; Major, USMC (Ret.)

Voodoo Fetish Market, Woman Cooking in Togo Village, Paul Williams

Chrys I and Chrys II, James S. Oppenheim


Short Stories


School‘s Out Forever, Ricky Ginsburg

Beacon Falls, A.S. Pinchasick

Painting Elephants, Luke Hawley

A Good One with her Name in It, Casey Francis

The Teeth of Freedom, Steve Wade

The Virgin Mary Tree, David S. Atkinson

Literary News

Interview,  Nicholas Birns on the Publishing Revolution,

by Joseph Michael Owens