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Issue 30, July 31, 2017
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It is Only a Movie

and you are in it,

a strand of cosmic celluloid

in which you are framed

second by second.


The other actors don’t always notice you

they are so in character,

method actors all.

They too are caught up in themselves.


But you, you think yourself awake

yet you sleep and dream and move

like all the others

until someone whispers to you

it is only a movie

and you know it is true.


Then for a time you can see how it happens:

the stream of stills

just as they are.


As it is.


Peace settles in

and you are the calm in the storm

steeled against your own fears.

You speak your lines

without prior thought.

It just happens

and you play your part.


Somehow you aren’t sure how this happens:

you begin sleepwalking again

but now and then

you will whisper to yourself

it is only a movie.


                                           ―Barry Harris